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Frequently Asked Questions

We compile our most common questions and post them here - If you have a question for us, you may find that we've already answered it for you! If you do have further questions, concerns or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact your Territory Manager, or call head office at 1.450.510.3123 (1.866.510.3123 toll-free in Canada & USA).

What are nutraceuticals, and how do they improve your health?
The word "nutraceutical" originates from two words; “nutrient” (substance that provides nourishment) and “pharmaceutical” (a drug that is used in medical treatment). The word "nutraceutical" means any substance that could be considered as a food or part of a food and provides medical and/or benefits to your health, including the treatment and prevention of diseases. In today’s busy life, where time is short and sit down meals are infrequent, it’s hard to keep a healthy balanced lifestyle. Being on the go and not exercising as frequently as we should robs our bodies of important vitamins and nutrients. This deficiency can cause our bodies to become susceptible to diseases including cancer and pneumonia. Nutraceuticals provide us with natural ingredients that our systems may be lacking due to poor diets, the consumption of toxins and inadequate exercise routines. Nutraceuticals have a physiological benefits and may play a role in disease prevention, allowing us to obtain the nourishment we need.

Are nutraceuticals safe?
The nutraceuticals selected by NFH are considered to be the safest of any products found within this category. Our stringent compositional testing procedures and quality control ensures that the Nutraceuticals offered meet the most rigorous safety standards.

Are Nutraceuticals approved by Health Canada?
Yes. All of our products are in compliance with existing Health Canada regulations and policies. NFH adheres to NHPD guidelines, has acquired several NPN registrations and continues to solicit Health Canada for approval of all their products.

How soon can you expect results after taking nutraceuticals?
How quickly you begin to observe results with NFH products depends on which product you are taking. Certain products will begin to exert health effects within days, others take weeks or months. It is important as well to remember that you are taking a nutraceutical, not a drug. Nutraceuticals are found in nature and are not as strong or as potent as drugs, so the effects are generally seen more gradually, often with minimal to no side-effects.

What benefits can you gain from taking nutraceuticals?
Our Nutraceuticals are to be taken as alternative or adjunctive therapies. The benefits that are attained through taking nutraceuticals are varied, but mostly are directed to the prevention of disease.

Can multi-vitamins be consumed at the same time as nutraceuticals?
Multi-vitamins can be taken at the same time as nutraceuticals. They are both natural; there is no harm in taking both materials simultaneously.

Who decides which botanical, marker compounds and methods will be used?
The methods, marker compounds and the botanicals are decided by the Scientific Advisory Panel and the Medical Consultancy Group. These are groups of academic research scientists and practicing healthcare practitioners who possess a common interest in promoting the use of nutraceuticals in the context of disease prevention.

By which criteria are the methods chosen?
The criteria for choosing the testing methods is drawn from published scientific studies which have appeared in high caliber scientific journals.

What makes your products superior?
Our products are backed by our Scientific Advisory Panel. All members of this panel have been selected as a recognized leader in a specialized scientific research field. Product formulations are further scrutinized by our Medical Consultancy Group. Our products are in compliance with existing Health Canada regulations and policies. Efficacy of each of our products has been scientifically validated by published data. In addition, each product has been examined for composition and presence of contaminants. As an example, ProBio SAP-90 is enteric coated, which allows the probiotics to bypass the stomach and delivers 100% of the probiotics unharmed into the small bowel where dissolution takes place and the ten probiotic cultures begin to establish their benefits. Other products only deliver 1% of the benefits.

Can you overdose on nutraceuticals?
As with any form of medication, vitamin or nutraceutical, it is important to follow the recommended dosage, which has been determined by our Scientific Advisory Panel and Medical Consultancy Group. If you have concerns, contact your health care practitioner.


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