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Monthly Promotion: Focus on Endocrinology and Fertility

Oocyte SAP
Oocyte SAP is a synergistic formulation providing a wholesome therapeutic approach to help improve egg quality and ovulation in patients trying to conceive, undergoing fertility treatment, or with PCOS. 
  • Oocyte SAP aims at improving overall reproductive health, by reducing oocyte mitochondrial DNA damage, attenuating oxidative stress and improving insulin sensitivity and blood lipid profiles.

Male Fertility SAP 
An effective formulation that can help improve sperm quality and function and alleviate infertility.
  • Male Fertility SAP can help support sperm-cell health by increasing sperm count and motility, and by improving sperm morphology. 
  • Male Fertility SAP also helps prevent oxidative damage of sperm DNA and support healthy glucose metabolism and regulate testosterone levels.