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Monthly Promotion: Focus on Allergy Relief and Autoimmunity

Quercetin SAP
Science-based bioflavonoid for allergy and inflammation management.  
Quercetin SAP provides 500 mg of the bioflavonoid quercetin blended with 100 mg of the proteolytic enzyme bromelain per non-GMO vegetable capsule. 
  • Quercetin SAP provides effective relief of mild-to-moderate allergy symptoms by reducing histamine release and promoting a healthy inflammatory response. In addition, 
  • Quercetin SAP supports healthy immune responses and respiratory tract function. 

Reishi SAP 120 capsules 
Reishi SAP 60 capsules  
Science-based immune and stress support. 
Reishi SAP is a hot-water extract from the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma lucidum, traditionally used in herbal medicine. 
  • Reishi SAP helps support optimal immune function and fosters a healthy inflammatory response, especially to mitigate neuroinflammation. 
  • Reishi SAP also possesses antioxidant properties, helps manage diabetes, supports energy metabolism, and improves resistance to stress.