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Digestive Enzymes SAP
Digestive Enzymes SAP is a combination of ox bile, betaine hydrochloride, and pancreatic enzymes formulated to promote optimal digestive health. Digestive Enzymes SAP provides essential digestive enzymes to support digestion of fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

Coenzyme Q10 is produced by the human body and is necessary for the basic functioning of healthy living cells. It has two main physiological roles: energy production and antioxidant protection. Without COQ10, the chain of cellular energy is broken; without energy, cellular life ceases. CoQ10 levels decrease with age, and are even lower in patients with chronic diseases. Each vegetarian capsule of PQ10 SAP provides non‑GMO pea protein-emulsified coenzyme Q10 that has the ability to be absorbed 2.5-4.25 times more efficiently than the standard ubiquinone form of CoQ10. 

Vision SAP
Vision SAP is a unique comprehensive high-dose antioxidant formula, synergistically blended with nutraceuticals, carotenoids, and vitamins to support optimal eye health and vision. Vision SAP helps maintain eyesight and support eye health in conditions associated with sunlight damage, such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Vision SAP helps to reduce the risk of developing cataracts and helps to improve macular pigment optical density.